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Professional tree surveyors

Tree surveys help to determine the best course of action for your trees. We carry out simple surveys that consider the surrounding environment and assess the overall health and condition of the tree.

tree surveyors give you peace of mind when buying a property

Tree surveyors do an important job of providing tree surveys. So when buying a property, as it can help to identify any potential issues with the trees on the property that could affect its value or be a safety hazard. Here are a few reasons why getting a tree survey done when buying a property is important:

  1. Safety: Tree surveyors can identify any potential hazards such as dead or diseased branches, rot, or instability that could cause a tree to fall or become a danger to the property or its inhabitants.

  2. Legal Liabilities: Tree surveyors can also identify trees that are protected by laws and regulations and if any of the trees are in violation of such laws and regulations, it could result in legal liabilities for the property owner.

  3. Property Value: Trees can have a significant impact on the value of a property, both positively and negatively. Tree surveyors can identify any trees that are in poor health or pose a potential hazard, which could negatively impact the property value. On the other hand, it can also identify valuable trees that could enhance the property value.

  4. Planning and Development: Tree surveyors can also provide important information for planning and development projects, such as identifying trees that may need to be removed or protected in order to accommodate new construction or landscaping.

  5. Long-term Maintenance: Tree surveyors also includes a long-term maintenance plan for the trees on the property, which can help to ensure their health, safety, and aesthetic appeal, which in turn can provide benefits for the property and the community.

It is important to note that tree surveys should be carried out by a qualified arborist who has the knowledge and expertise to properly assess the health and condition of the trees on the property. This will ensure that the tree survey is accurate, and that any issues identified are properly addressed.

Tree surveyors qualifications

An excellent qualification to look out for is Professional Tree Inspector this is accredited by LANTRA. Some years ago tree surveyors had to work hard to prove competence this was a problem, especially when cases went to court. The LANTRA course proves competence and of course reassurance to the customer that the tree is being properly assessed a sound judgment being made and a professional report being written up.

Tree surveyors and the types of surveys they do.

There are several different types of survey. Tree safety survey where the tree is assessed and a risk rating given. In evaluating a tree the physiological condition, structural condition and overall condition are taken into consideration. Then what targets are present, the likelihood of failure and the likelihood of impact, what are the consequences and so a risk rating is arrived at. The risk rating goes from low to moderate, to high to extreme.

You might ask the question why do i need to have a tree surveyed?

Trees are inspected for a variety of reasons; A Local Planning Authority may need a survey to accompany a planning application, or a trees health and safety concerns the owner. Every tree inspection should have a physiological and structural assessment. This knowledge informs our decisions and any required action to be taken.

Other types of surveys are home buyer reports, BS 5837 surveys, subsidence surveys and tree valuations.

For more information on this check out the health and safety executive website.

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