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Crane Work

Crane work is required for very large trees that aren’t safe to climb using traditional rigging techniques. It’s a specialised task that requires arborists and skilled crane operators to remove large sections of the tree safely with a crane.

Crane work
Crane-assisted tree removal

Using a crane is often necessary when removing rotten or diseased trees for several reasons:

  1. Safety: Removing a rotten or diseased tree can be a hazardous task, as the tree may be unstable and at risk of falling unexpectedly. Crane work can provide additional support and control during the removal process, helping to ensure the safety of the workers and any nearby structures or property.
  2. Accessibility: Rotten or diseased trees may be located in areas that are difficult to access, such as near buildings, power lines, or other structures. Crane work can provide a safe and efficient way to reach these areas and remove the tree without causing damage to the surrounding property.
  3. Size and Weight: Rotten or diseased trees may be larger and heavier than healthy trees and may require specialized equipment to remove safely. Crane work can be used to lift and move large and heavy sections of the tree, reducing the risk of injury to the workers and damage to the surrounding property.
  4. Precision: Crane work is  equipped with specialized rigging, such as slings and chains, which can be used to control the direction and speed of the tree’s fall, ensuring that it falls in a safe direction and minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding property.
  5. Speed: Crane work can also speed up the process of removing a tree, especially if the tree is large or in a difficult location to access.

In summary, opting for  crane work when removing rotten or diseased trees is often necessary for safety, accessibility, and efficiency, and can help to ensure that the tree is removed safely and without causing damage to the surrounding property. It is important to use a professional tree removal service that has the necessary equipment, experience and expertise to remove the tree safely and efficiently.

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Crane work – A typical day.

In terms of crane work a lot of forward planning is required to make it work well on the day. Usually this starts with the local authority checking if the tree is protected and if it is obtaining permission to carry out the work. 

Regarding permission, this requires you making a case for the work to be done, for example the tree is dead or diseased or dangerous to name but a few. Then if it is roadside it will involve a road closure which means contacting either highways or a traffic management company. Once the permission is in and the highways have given a date you can get the logistics organised. 

Crane work – logistics

This involves three aspects the crane hire firm, a large enough team to process the pieces on the ground and timber collection. We use Suttons crane hire and find them very professional and have always turned up. The one thing to look out for is the weather. Although the crane can control the lift it cannot control the yaw and if the wind is above 18 knots the crane company will not turn up. 

Regarding your ground team one person on the saw is best and four people moving branches and feeding the chipper. On our last job we had two vans which meant continuous chipping which worked well. In our industry we talk about the three T’s of tree work or in this case crane work, timber takes time. In this case we used a digger with a log grab which loaded the timber very quickly and saved peoples energy for the minor branches. 

The other part of the team of course is the climber who needs to balance the branches, limbs and trunks so you don’t shock load the crane and the piece lands the right way round for the rest of the team. 

Lastly there is me who organises, manages and over sees every aspect of the job. Our last job involved road closure, planning permission, a large team and of course timber collection. We had an enormous beech tree, we started at 8am by 12.30pm the tree was down, everything was cleared up and the road was ready for opening. Crane work, you’ve got to love it, job done.

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