Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is a pruning technique that removes some of the smaller branches from the outer part of the crown, promoting evenly spaced branches and foliage throughout the tree. This allows light and wind to pass through non-coniferous trees, such as birch, oak, cherry and sycamore. 

Our Approach

Our professional service ensures that the overall appearance of the tree is not altered.

We’ll make sure the size and shape remains the same, but remove any necessary material to  promote good wind resistance and produce an evenly spaced structure. Our skilled arborists will never remove more than 30% of the material, this will prevent the tree from going into ‘shock’ and avoid epicormic growth.


Crown thinning has many benefits and is worth considering for dense, wind-resistant trees.

By removing branches and foliage, more light and wind is able to pass through the canopy of the tree, making it less susceptible to falling or blowing over in bad weather. The process also improves the aesthetic appearance of the tree and prevents dead or decayed branches from falling and causing damage to property or people in the vicinity.

Choose Roots & Shoots

Crown thinning should always be carried out by trained professionals with the right skills and experience.

Our team has the expertise to deliver the best results and ensure no trees will be damaged in the process. We also offer a 5-year maintenance plan for trees such as lime, where we return and repeat the cycle to keep on top of busy crown growth and ensure the health and stability of the tree.