Sectional Felling

Sectional felling is where a tree is dismantled piece by piece, right down to the stump. Only when a tree cannot be saved, skilled tree surgeons use rigging techniques to remove the tree in a controlled manner to avoid any damage to surrounding trees, buildings or infrastructure.

Our Approach

Roots & Shoots tree surgeons are skilled in sectional felling.

We will ensure the job is carried out safely, with no risk to surrounding property or persons. We use modern rigging techniques and where necessary, utilise cranes, to remove trees in small sections. This controlled method minimises the risk of debris falling and damaging property, including sheds and greenhouses which often are in the surrounding area of domestic trees.

The Benefits

As much as we’d love to save every tree; it's not always possible.

If a tree poses a danger to people or property, or causes an obstruction, then a safe removal will efficiently solve the problem. Our tree surgeons will always carry out the work safely, efficiently and ensure that the site is clean and tidy when we’re finished. 

Choose Roots & Shoots

We’ll always carry out a full assessment and determine the safest option for tree removal.

In order to manage trees responsibly, sometimes they have to be removed as they’ve reached a point in their life cycle where they have become weak, damaged, dangerous or pose an obstruction. If you have concerns about a tree, give us a call and we’ll gladly provide a free quote and consultation.

Our experts are here to help

We provide onsite free quotes and offer guidance to help you understand the best plan of action for you.