Tree Felling

Tree felling from ground level is limited to situations that pose zero risk of damage to property or persons. Only when all risks have been properly assessed, from telephone and power cables, to clearance zones and the natural lean of the tree, should a tree be felled from ground level.

Our Approach

If a tree can be felled from the ground, we will carry out the operation safely and according to best practice guidance.

In most cases, this isn’t possible due to other trees, property and infrastructure being present in the vicinity. In these circumstances, we use sectional felling to safely remove the trees piece by piece.

The Benefits

When a tree is dead, diseased or must be felled for other reasons, then we can safely fell the tree from the ground.

This is a quicker method of removal than climbing, rigging and dismantling the tree in sections – although it’s often difficult to achieve and sectional felling is required due to environmental factors.

Choose Roots & Shoots

We’ll always carry out a full assessment and determine the safest option for tree removal

In order to manage trees responsibly, sometimes they have to be removed as they’ve reached a point in their life cycle where they have become weak, damaged, dangerous or pose an obstruction. If you have concerns about a tree, give us a call and we’ll gladly provide a free quote and consultation. 

Our experts are here to help

We provide onsite free quotes and offer guidance to help you understand the best plan of action for you.