Commercial Tree Surgery

Commercial tree surgery. Serving many different types of businesses with safe, efficient, management, tree removal and clearance.

Commercial Tree Surgery

At Roots and Shoots we provide the highest standards in tree work and this equally applies to commercial tree surgery. We aim to provide sustainable, efficient and safe tree work for all sectors of the commercial world including, supermarkets, construction companies, schools, churches and landscapers. Before any work commences, we provide full risk assessments and method statements. All our commercial tree work is insured for up to £5 million public liability.

Commercial tree surgery can be diverse, from parks to industrial units, office complexes, community housing, roads and rail. The list goes on. At Roots and Shoots our tree surgeons are here to advise, consult and practically do the work necessary to keep your space managed in such a way that keeps it productive and safe.

Our Approach

Commercial work includes preparation beforehand. Site visit, survey, quantifying the work involved, risk assessment and method statements. Site tree work, involving felling, rigging, sectional felling, stump grinding, preparing the logistics involved in doing a efficient job and making sure it runs smoothly with no delays. Giving you peace of mind, the job is in hand and your timetable progresses without hinderance.

Each situation is different which is why a proper assessment is essential from the outset. Trees are dynamic and change constantly in a worst-case scenario, the tree can become, dead, dying or dangerous. This an obvious case of necessary and immediate intervention. Other trees are not so clear and the situation is often more nuanced, where a tree survey can be really helpful.

Doing It Right

Roots and Shoots arborists are all NPTC/Lantra qualified and have first aid qualifications specifically in dealing with trauma situations. Everyone can carry out an aerial rescue and is not only qualified and competent to do the job at hand but also experienced, we work within a framework of complicance to BS3998.

If you want to ask any questions about our company or the work we do or if you want a site visit and a quote for some work, then please call 07794743952 or

Trees form a vital part of our commercial spaces. Trees help purify the air, increase biodiversity and add to the local ecosystem. Like anything in life nothing stands still so it is necessary for ongoing maintenance to keep it at its best. To this end crown lifting to avoid high sided vehicles from inflicting physical damage, crown thin to reduce the sail effect in windy conditions and reductions to keep the tree in check and from getting out of hand.

Looking After Our Surroundings

We also hold a waste carrier licence and have a procedure that means we responsibility dispose of waste and recycle and reuse where we can. Looking after our environment is a real priority to us at Roots and Shoots.

The presence of trees in commercial spaces is vital. Greenery is widely acknowledged to provide health and wellbeing benefits as well as benefits to local ecosystems and biodiversity. So ongoing tree care keeps commercial and community spaces working at their best. A commercial tree surgeon can conduct health surveys, crown thinning, pruning and general maintenance while managing site safety.

Our experts are here to help

We provide onsite free quotes and offer guidance to help you understand the best plan of action for you.