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Number 1 best time to do tree pruning

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When is the best time exercise tree pruning?

This is a very common question. I get asked this almost every week. Many people and tree surgeons will say the best time is winter when the sap is not rising. That is only partly true. The best time to do tree pruning is more determined on the type of tree as I hope this blog will demonstrate.

What is the best time to prune a Lime tree?

In this article we will look at why tree pruning and specifically, lime pruning is important. Also, what lime tree diseases to look out for and the best time to prune a lime tree.

Tilia x europaea is the latin name for a common lime tree, it is native to Great Britain. It is a deciduous tree that grows approximately to 100 feet.

What is the point in pruning a lime tree?

A lime tree more than most grows a lot of skinny branches that significantly increases the sail effect of the tree in stormy conditions. More on that in a precious article on storm damage. Pruning these small branches improves air flow and helps the tree divert its nutrients to the major branches of the tree. More daylight can get into the crown of the tree and because the tree pruning has strengthened it. More light, water and nutrition reach the remaining part of the tree. This is turn promotes more juvenile growth. Juvenile grow in a tree is naturally more pest and disease resistant and increases phototropism.

When is the best time to prune a lime tree?

The rule of thumb for lime trees is the prune them in mid-spring before the blossom appears. In an ideal world this would be every year or every other year. The main objective is to promote health this means in the case of lime trees removing the weak and thin branches.

In a congested crown there is often branches that criss cross each other with probably weak and dead branches too. These should all be removed.

Keeping your equipment clean is essential so as not to spread disease from one tree to another. If there is frost damage it is important not to prune it. The tree needs to have recovered from the frost damage and signs of new growth are obvious.

What not to. Winter pruning is never advised as frost damage is a major problem for lime trees. They will try to recover and put out new growth but this is short lived and give up and die easily.

There is one exception to what has been said so far. Health and safety, if there is a serious issue as a result of storm damage for instance obviously that needs immediate attention irrespective of what time of the year it is

When pruning a lime tree what are the things to look out for?

Fungal disease is an issue which is promoted from stale damp air, a crown thin will combat this problem allowing more air to pass through unhindered. Bleeding cankers which is a discoloured fluid running down the bark. Pests such as gall mites and Aphids are a frequent problem which is worth keeping an eye out for.

Why use a tree surgeon to prune a lime tree?

Why use a tree surgeon to prune a lime tree?

A tree surgeon will know the best time and the best way to prune a lime tree. If pruned and properly maintained lime trees prove a great amenity value to the area. Contact Roots and Shoots tree surgery for a free no obligation quote, call 07794743952. Or get in touch here.

Crown thinning thin branches
Crown thinning thin branches

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