dead tree removal

As much as we want to keep trees, tree removal is a necessary part of forestry management and landscape management. In both cases this allows more space for the remaining trees to grow.

What are the reasons a tree might need removing?

Storm damage

Physical damage from animals or people

Deep cracks within the trunk

Broken bark that isn’t healing over

Close proximity to buildings or driveways

Root damage

Branches growing from the base and failing crown at the top

Storm Damage

Regarding storm damage, I’ve covered some of this subject in an earlier article.

Physical Damage

Observations over the years physical damage is usually from squirrels. In the countryside this can include deer. Another cause is lorries or vans reversing, breaking the bark and allowing pathogens to infect the tree.

Physically damaged tree
Physically damaged tree

Deep cracks can occur and also allow outside infection to occur. This weakens the tree and can result in ultimate failure.

The root plate is vital to the health, integrity and stability of the tree. Sometimes buildings, extensions or driveways will have a detrimental effect on the tree.

Tiny holding wood
Tiny holding wood

If you have any doubts or have observed any of the above problems, please feel free to call me on 07794743952.

As with anything in life everything has a life span. The same applies to trees. A tree can and does become overmature, the crown fails and branches break off. what happens next in a open forest is remarkable. The tree can regenerate from the stump all over again. However, in suburban situations, the risks and hazards associated with this is not advisable.

The benefits of removal are as follows. It allows the existing trees to grow a normal crown. Often the tree in question is planted far too close to an existing tree and they compete for daylight water and nutrition.

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