27 May 2022
Choosing a Tree surgery apprentice In this blog about taking on a tree surgery apprentice I will talk about the pros and cons. In my own case the appr...
TREE REMOVAL20220518122205


18 May 2022
Dead and brittle tree fell over with a 54cm hinge...
Tallest tree climb in the U.K.20220516175259

Tallest tree climb in the U.K.

16 May 2022
tallest tree...
A Day In The Life Of A Tree Surgeon20220516120953

A Day In The Life Of A Tree Surgeon

16 May 2022
I always like options. If we need it, it is there, if we don’t then there is no option. ...
Crown thinning?20220401125251

Crown thinning?

1 April 2022
What is crown thinning exactly? Certain species of trees produce more wood than others, some times so much it creates a very congested canopy. What is...
Crown reduction20220325101820

Crown reduction

25 March 2022
crown reduction looking at it from all angles....
Storm Damage.20220321193717

Storm Damage.

21 March 2022
lets talk about storm damage how to avid it and what can be done...
The Complete Guide to Ash Dieback20211116113600

The Complete Guide to Ash Dieback

16 November 2021
Ash dieback is sweeping across the UK and Europe, damaging natural landscapes and resulting in the widespread decline of native ash trees. It was firs...