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5 reasons why is tree surgery important

Manchester tree surgeon

1. Trees are an important part of our ecosystem Why is tree surgery important? This is because trees are important to our ecosystem because they provide oxygen, help regulate the climate, stabilize soils, and support plant and animal life. Trees can live for a long time, and they continue to grow throughout their lives. This […]

Number 1 best time to do tree pruning

tree pruning and crown lifting

When is the best time exercise tree pruning? This is a very common question. I get asked this almost every week. Many people and tree surgeons will say the best time is winter when the sap is not rising. That is only partly true. The best time to do tree pruning is more determined on […]

Wonderful Tree Apprentice Learning Experience

Choosing a Tree surgery apprentice In this blog about taking on a tree surgery trainee I will talk about the pros and cons. In my own case the apprentice was my eldest son. There is the obvious dynamic of juggling two different types of relationship which I had to navigate. Getting Started The tree surgery […]

Helpful Crown Thinning Advice

Crown thinning example

If you’re wondering why crown thinning is necessary, or even what it is, this blog is for you. We cover how crown thinning works and what it involves, as well as the impact this has on the tree. Our trees deserve the best possible care so look out if your trees need a crown thinning […]

The Complete Guide to Ash Dieback

Ash dieback removal

Ash dieback is sweeping across the UK and Europe, damaging natural landscapes and resulting in the widespread decline of native ash trees. It was first recognised in the UK in 2012 and just 9 years on, it represents a significant environmental threat.  The rise in ash dieback cases is causing concern amongst landowners, as they […]